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Why do you come here?

Our comprehensive therapy concept guarantees sustainable therapeutic success.

We combine various treatment techniques in order to achieve optimum therapeutic efficiency, restoring normal resilience and function as far as possible and as quickly as possible. In that we rely on many years’ experience in rehabilitation of acute and chronic medical spine and joint conditions.
Manual therapy is used for specific mobilisation in case of restricted mobility of the spine and the joints at the extremities.
Classic massage and lymph drainage serve for dissolving chronic tension, promoting the absorption of swellings and reducing pain. Apart from the use of passive techniques, we try to go on to an active therapy as quickly as possible, comprising strengthening, coordination training, unassisted mobilisation and pain reduction as well as behavioural training (e.g. posture training, gait training and workplace layout), since sustainable reduction of symptoms can only be achieved in this way.

Medical training therapy plays an important role. Endurance and coordination training can be performed with higher intensity and to a larger extent than this is possible in individual physiotherapeutic treatment. An individual training plan is created based on an exact analysis of the patient’s current performance status and specific training targets. With the associated training, we help you reassume your normal life as quickly as possible.

Also after surgery and injury to the musculoskeletal system, early therapy is advisable. The goal is to minimise the loss of strength, mobility and coordination caused by inactivity and further the recovery process in an optimum way.
In addition, it is very important to instruct the patients with regard to their behaviour during everyday activities in order to avoid overstraining and renewed traumatisation due to excessive or straining physical activity.

During the early phase (acute phase), the tissue in regeneration has only low stability and is therefore highly susceptible to overload. During this period which, depending on the kind of surgery, the extent of the injury and individual characteristics of the patient, can last from a few days up to several weeks, only low and targeted therapeutic stimulus may be applied. To avoid renewed traumatisation takes priority here.
In the course of recovery, the tissue obtains increased stability allowing to intensify the therapy. Then the objective is to normalise mobility and function for mastering everyday activities.
Subsequently, the training load is increased until you have reached your full strength again to cope with the challenges of your profession and sports.
Our therapists are highly qualified; this qualification level is maintained and increased by means of constant further education.

We would be glad to offer you advice for any problems you have.


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