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Pediatric Physiotherapy – Rehab in the ATOS

The Child as focal point


Pediatric physiotherapy covers the entire spectrum of physiotherapy. Our specially trained therapists treat infants, children and adolescents with orthopedic, neurological and mental health illnesses.

We treat our little patients in a child-friendly environment and also help in the counseling and guidance of the parents.

Treatment Modalities
  • Neurological treatment methods such as Bobath & Vojta
  • Respiratory therapy
  • Foot rehabilitation
  • Postural regulation
  • Scoliosis therapy
  • Shiatsu
  • Yoga
  • Mental training
Treatment Focal points
  • Central coordination disorders in infancy such as assymetry and movement disorders
  • Damage to the CNS (cerebral Palsy, Apoplex, MS)
  • Peripheral paralysis of the extremeties (cerebral Paralysis, Spina bifida)
  • Diseases and functional limitations of the vertebral column (Scoliosis)
  • Children with muscle diseases (Muscle dystrophy, Muscle atrophy)
  • Treatment of Hip dysplasia and luxation
  • Pre- and post-operative treatment of foot deformity
Treatment Goals
  • Focusing on the peripheral and central nervous system regulation in infancy
  • Processing and integration of sensory perception for the development of body sensation, balance, power and movement activation mechanisms
  • Promotion of movement, coordination and muscle tone regulation
  • Improvement of cognitive skills such as attention, concentration and action planning
  • Development of action concepts with the goal of increased independence (also with the use of aids)


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