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Performance Diagnostics / Training Control 


Isokinetic muscular function diagnostics

The computer-aided testing system “Isomed 2000” analyses and documents precisely the functional deficits existing at the beginning of therapy. A second test after the end of a therapy phase determines the progress achieved so far. Using this isokinetic system, we can determine the exact strength, power and performance values of your muscles. Those are important for a harmonic – “healthy” – joint work, forming the basis for a precise control of the further training process. Thus, the therapeutic success may be documented exactly.
What exactly do isokinetics show?

  • muscular dysbalances which may be the cause or the consequence of your pain
  • muscular strength of the extremities in bilateral comparison
  • assessment of the individual strength level during the various training and therapy phases

The test values determined will be discussed with you, and your individual therapy plan will be prepared on this basis.

Thus, isokinetics also play an important part in progress control after surgery / injuries to the main joints of the musculoskeletal system such as knee, ankle, shoulder, elbow, as well as in the monitoring of therapy and overall efficiency.
In the private health insurance system, the costs for this examination are sometimes refunded, if particular indications are given.


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