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Rehabilitation (EAP)

Medical training therapy

This therapy is directed at patients with problems in the shoulder, back, hip, knee and foot areas. Academically qualified sports scientists and sports physiotherapists will support you there.
Health oriented training of strength, endurance, mobility and coordination improves the stability of the spine and joints, leading to pain relief, good physical performance and a better feel for the body.
This will increase your well-being and resilience in everyday life in a sustainable way.

Extended outpatient rehabilitation (EAP)

The particularity of the therapy is the combination of various contents within a single treatment (e.g. medical gymnastics, physical therapy and medical training therapy) and the cooperation of therapists from different disciplines (doctor, physiotherapist, sports teacher, masseur). From this comprehensive offer of sports therapeutic, physiotherapeutic and physical therapy methods, we will work out an individual rehabilitation programme for you.
This is also the reason for the relatively long treatment duration of at least 2-3 hours per session. During therapy, passive measures often take priority in the beginning (training taking into account the patient’s reduced strength, physiotherapy and massage, if required), which are increasingly replaced by active training elements later on.


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